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Nevo Technologies

For more than fifteen years, Nevo Technologies has been helping its clients meet their application software development needs by combining the very highest level of expertise, experience, and process.

Founded on the premise that a high performance development team can provide superior results at dramatically lower costs, Nevo has consistently delivered projects on time and on budget. Our client base includes large companies and small, highly profitable enterprises and not-for-profits. We have worked in industries ranging from higher education to health care, from manufacturing to finance.

High Performance Teams are rare. Like winning sports teams, they combine extraordinary contributors, talented leadership, and refined processes to produce extraordinary results. The benefits for our clients are simple: lower total cost, reduced time to completion, and predictable results.

Our story

Application software development has always been challenging, just look at the statistics on projects running over budget, missing deadlines, or failing to deliver. To make matters worse, the last twenty years have added a new level of complexity with object oriented technologies, networks, mobile devices, web browsers, and users expecting ever faster development cycles.

Nevo was created to address these challenges directly. We recognized early on that there had to be a better way. There had to be some reason that everyone from startups to Fortune 100 corporations struggled with application development.

The answer was simple - the skills, experience, and processes required to specify, design, and develop applications are quite different from those required to support, enhance and maintain them. Since 90% of the time and effort is spent supporting, enhancing, and maintaining, it is only logical that companies would be staffed and structured for those tasks. Other companies build comparably talented in-house teams, but find that they very often over committed.

Nevo focused on building a high performance development team, one that could provide predictable results - on time and on budget development, at a cost substantially below either doing the work in-house, or using an off-shore alternative. It proved to be more difficult than we had imagined. But more then fifteen years and dozens of projects later the advantages are clear.

Our people

Our Engineering Team

Nevo's technologists are experts in every phase of the design and implementation process. We have the capacity to participate from conception to completion, working in concert with your staff or completely taking over product development.

Unifying our breadth of skills is a single-minded ability to find creative answers to technological challenges — the more complex the better. And unlike the code-and-go approach of some companies, our team collaborates with yours to identify critical factors, implement new solutions, and deploy them rapidly. In fact, we believe this intense engagement is what ensures our mutual success.

Our knowledge


At Nevo, we feel it is our responsibility to understand your challenges, needs, and opportunities, and then to choose or craft the solution that best matches your unique constraints. In order to keep up with the latest industry trends and technological capabilities, we communicate continually with others in the field and maintain strategic affiliations with major industry groups.

Although we fearlessly experiment with pre-release products on our own, we protect our clients from the risks involved in working with bleeding-edge technology. Having done the research and experienced the learning curve, we recommend and implement solutions only when we have confidence in their long-term viability as well as their appropriateness to the task at hand.

Nevo technologists have practical experience in the following technologies:

  • Agile Methodology (SCRUM)
  • Agile Management Tooling (JIRA, VersionOne, and similar)
  • Business Rule Management (BRM)
  • Continuous Integration (CircleCI, CruiseControl, Jenkins, Team City, and similar)
  • CSS (including Sass and LESS)
  • Data Replication / Data Distribution (often in the context of occasionally connected applications)
  • Dependency Injection / Inversion of Control
  • Document Management (Nolij, S3)
  • Enterprise Application Integration (WebMethods, and EAI in general)
  • Requirements and System Modeling (Enterprise Architect)
  • HTML (including HTML5)
  • Java, J2EE - Struts/Struts2, Hibernate, iBatis
  • Javascript (including Typescript)
  • JavaScript client frameworks - Angular, React
  • Knowledge Management (Confluence, Basecamp, and similar)
  • Messaging (MQSeries, MSMQ, WCF)
  • Mobile Application Development (Xcode & Swift for iOS, Java for Android, and Responsive Designed mobile web apps)
  • N-Tiered Design
  • .NET - C#, ASP.NET MVC & WebForms, WPF, WinForms, LINQ, Entity Framework
  • Object Oriented Design (OOD)
  • Performance analysis / optimization
  • Relational DBMS - SQLServer, Oracle, Sybase, and similar
  • Service Oriented Architectures - RESTFul & SOAP web services, and SOA in general
  • Unit Testing (jUnit / nUnit / Jasmine)

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We can help you build software in a way that meets your need.

Nevo Technologies
Complete Software Development Services

We can bring a full development team to bear, facilitate initial requirements discovery, iteratively implement and refine the solution. We work with you to confirm the result meets your needs and ensure a smooth handoff.

Nevo Technologies
Augment your team

Some of our clients just need additional capable sets of hands. We can engage experienced developers to work with your team on-site or remotely.

Nevo Technologies
Project Management Guidance

We can analyze your current requirements management and development practices, and recommend ways to improve it.

Nevo Technologies
Any combination

We are happy to talk about any of your software needs, and determine an optimal way to help you reach your goals.

Most importantly, you have complete ownership of all work products, and Nevo retains no rights to the intellectual property of our engagements.

Case Studies

Jobs at Nevo

How is it to work at Nevo?

Jobs at Nevo
Work at Nevo

Nevo was created by developers, for developers. We knew from the outset that our ability to build a successful software development consulting business depended entirely on our ability to attract, develop, and retain top talent. We have worked hard to do just that, and have created a unique organization.

The two most meaningful indicators of our success are that our clients return year after year and project after project, and that we have extremely low staff turnover.

Clients come back because we do great work, and we're great to work with. Great developers come to Nevo and stay because Nevo really is a special place to work.

We have worked hard for nearly two decades to make this happen.
Here's how:

  • We do exciting work. We use the latest technologies to develop applications. Developers at Nevo are constantly challenged by new projects and new ideas. If you like learning new things then you will love it here. If you want to apply and reapply the same stuff you learned years ago, you won't be happy here at all.
  • Nevo is very collegial. We hire people who are not merely at the top of the developer ladder, but also (and often even more importantly) are great to work with. It's important to our clients, and equally important to our own team.
  • At Nevo, developers are the most important people. Being respected makes for a good working environment.
  • We believe in solid engineering practices and processes. We know how to do things the right way - and we put it into practice every day on every project.
  • Developers talk directly to users. No dedicated Business Analysts in the middle means much less is lost in translation. Everyone is better off. We build what users really want, and everyone has a greater sense of satisfaction.
  • We have no politics - not a shred, not an iota, not a single word. Nevo is a pure meritocracy. People are respected for what they know and for the contributions they make.
  • and Nevo is 100% employee owned. In 2009, 100% of the equity was purchased by the Nevo Employees Stock Ownership Trust. Nevo's current and future staff all benefit directly -and substantially- from owning 100% of the equity in the business.

We look for people who:

  • Have a passion for, and deep understanding of programming. Nevo's staff are "top 10%" developers - the best of the best.
  • Are generalists, not specialists, comfortable at at all levels of application development..
  • Like learning new technologies and domains, addressing new challenges, rather than applying what they already know.
  • Get things done - Nevo developers are not just great coders, they are also great designers, capable of assessing alternatives, and coming to conclusions quickly and effectively.
  • Are personable and articulate - Virtually everyone at Nevo has direct client contact. Getting rid of extra layers, putting developers in the same room as users, makes for a better result and greater personal satisfaction.

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